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Dress Up As a Smoldering Galaxy Note 7 This Halloween and Impress Your Friends With a Great Topical Reference

Photo: Chris Kiley/Facebook

Halloween is approaching, and if you’re still in need of a costume that seems both comfortable and like it’ll make your friends roll their eyes and groan … look no further than a shirt decorated in several smoking Galaxy Note 7 boxes. (In case you missed it, the Samsung phone with a penchant for catching fire was officially recalled by the company last week.)

The costume design comes from one Chris Kiley (who was, prior to 2 million–plus views on a Facebook video, just a regular dude on the internet) and seems like it might be kind of a pain to construct. But hey! Anything to win that office costume contest, right?

Kiley followed up on his now-viral Facebook video with an instructional post on Imgur. (However, he’s not very clear on how the tubing mechanism creates the fake smoke. Chris, if you’re reading this, let us know how that works.) He says he’s calling his costume a “fire hazard” and that his fiancé will be teaming up with him by dressing as a firefighter. He also notes that the costume is not intended to look like a suicide vest. “So though it may LOOSELY resemble a suicide vest, that was not my intent,” Kiley writes. “I’m making fun of Samsung, not ISIS.” Good to know.

Dress Up As a Smoldering Galaxy Note 7 This Halloween