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Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly Make Up With Friendly, Not-at-All-Staged Tweets

Yesterday, some speculated that Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity were feuding just because she complained on the air that Donald Trump only appears on Hannity’s show, and he responded by accusing her of being a Hillary Clinton supporter. However, tonight the pair proved that nothing could be further from the truth when they spontaneously decided to post the exact same photo and caption on their Twitter feeds:

Kelly also referred to Hannity as “my friend” when tossing to him at the end of her show.

Some cynics suggested that the pair were ordered to make up by their corporate overlords, but Hannity shut down that rumor:

Plus, if one of them was going to use incorrect punctuation as a subtle act of protest, it would be Kelly.

Hannity and Kelly Make Up With Not-at-All-Staged Tweets