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Here’s What the Electoral Map Would Look Like If We Wrote a Meme Explainer About It

“Here’s what it would look like if only the states that formed a smiley face voted in the election.”

Yesterday evening, Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief of data analysis website FiveThirtyEight, tweeted two very different versions of the electoral map. In one, the U.S. is mapped based on election results if only women voted. It is overwhelmingly blue.

The other, which shows only men, is, well, overwhelmingly not blue. Congrats, hypothetical President Trump. (The Trump campaign later used this version of Silver’s electoral map in an email to supporters to demonstrate “making gains against Crooked Hillary.”)

Like we said, that was yesterday, which means today the maps have taken on a life of their own, inspiring a new electoral-map meme. (Your fifth-grade civics teacher would be so proud.)

To create your own, take a map of the United States and modify it based on your chosen group of voters: Reddit users, memes, or places with residual radioactivity from the Nevada Test Site nuclear bomb detonations. Anything goes. The world is your content oyster.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to a true physical shape of the United States. This is a meme, after all. Take a little creative license and reimagine the electoral map if you’d like. Welcome to 2016! Traditional politics as we knew them have basically gone to hell, anyway!

A friendly reminder: Voting is important and the deadline to register in most states is soon. (If it hasn’t passed already.) Because if you don’t register and vote, this could be your future.

Here’s What the Electoral Map Would Look Like as a Meme