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Donald Trump Declines Snapchat Interview Because Who Needs Millennial Voters?

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This morning’s segment of “Good Luck America,” a Snapchat — er, Snap Inc.branded — Discover channel that focuses on politics, features a five-minute segment about the two presidential candidates. Hosted by Peter Hamby (Snap’s head of news, by way of CNN), the interview includes original segments with Clinton, as well as her childhood best friend from Illinois, Betsy Ebeling.

The interviews themselves aren’t particularly insightful, detailing Clinton’s years as a budding Republican, her time at Wellesley, and, because apparently we aren’t far enough into the campaign for this, whether or not she had any boyfriends in high school. (Ebeling: “She always had really smart guys who were also jocks.”) But the thing that stands out most prominently is the lack of Donald Trump. A Snapchat spokesperson told Select All that while both Trump and Clinton were approached for interviews, only Clinton accepted. (Apparently nobody told Donald where all the cool millennials are hanging out these days.)

Instead, while we get to hear the woman who has known Clinton since elementary school call the Democratic nominee “woke,” from the Trump camp we hear from Tony Schwartz, the guy who co-authored The Art of the Deal, and one of his classmates from New York Military Academy: “It helped teach him how to take a punch and how to give a punch back.” Comforting things to hear about the potential future leader of the free world.

The Clinton-Trump segment will live on Snapchat Discover for the next 48 hours, which gives you plenty of time to watch it before the final debate on Wednesday night. Or, if your psyche can’t take anymore of this election, try one of these dancing-mannequin videos instead. The choice is yours.

Trump Refuses Snap Interview Because Who Needs Millennials?