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John Oliver Appreciates Your Desire to Vote for a 3rd-Party Candidate, But Not Your 3rd-Party Options

There’s no denying that both major-party presidential nominees have their drawbacks: One is considered too rehearsed and hard to relate to, while the other is a liar, alleged serial sexual predator, and definite racist. So it’s possible to feel sympathetic toward those undecided voters — though maybe not Ken Bone anymore — and to those who have chosen a third-party candidate. The only problem, as John Oliver points out on Last Week Tonight, is that those presidential-hopefuls aren’t exactly White House ready. Jill Stein, as the Green Party candidate, might want to throw out all student debt, but when it comes to forgiving those college loans, her plan is woefully ignorant of the actual powers of the presidency. Gary Johnson and his small government ideals as a Libertarian might sound pretty swell, until you realize he doesn’t have any well-thought-out ideas on how to get rid of, or even transition out of, federal-government departments that ensure a level of quality of life to children, the needy, and even middle-class citizens. Also, Stein was in a terrible band and Gary Johnson has rather perverted things to say about a mountain. So, maybe it’s time to think about those two major-party candidates again after all.

John Oliver Examines the 3rd-Party Candidates