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Ken Bone Crashes Wedding Photo Shoot for a Cheesy Sponsored Ad

You didn’t have to do this, Kenneth.

Remember Ken Bone? Ken who, you might be asking yourself. Ken Bone: The red-sweater-wearing star of the second presidential debate, who became an overnight meme sensation only to plummet back down to Earth after his Reddit history revealed some unsavory comments. (To his credit, Bone gave a contrite apology owning up to his internet history.) Ah, yes, you say, nodding your head, Ken Bone.

Well, Ken is back, and this time he appears to have crashed a wedding photo shoot. Bone, complete with red sweater (how many of those does he own?) was spotted last week by a college student in Washington, D.C., near the Lincoln Memorial. “The wedding party thought it was hilarious and they were all laughing and taking selfies and silly wedding pictures,” the student, Abby Fields, told the Observer. She also noted that the bride “wouldn’t stop laughing.” Okay, Ken. This all seems fine, and like you might have added a little extra joy to the bride and groom’s big day. Good job, Ken.

But, sadly, we now know this wasn’t the case. Instead, Mr. Bone was bopping around the D.C. area as part of his new partnership with Izod. (Which is the company behind Bone’s now infamous cable-knit.) The shots of Bone and the wedding party make an appearance in his new commercial, “Ken Bone’s Fifteenth Minute.” (Based on a tweet from one of the members of the wedding party, it appeared they had no idea Bone’s appearance was for an ad.)

In the ad, Bone says “it’s really important that we don’t give up on the political process” and that he’s “telling everybody at home to get out and vote.” It’s a genuine celebration of two of America’s favorite pastimes: patriotism and commercialism. Pause between the 1:13 and 1:16 minute marks to see Ken and the wedding party.

Ken Bone Crashes Wedding Photo Shoot for Cheesy Commercial