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Mannequin Dancing Is the Only Viral Content That Matters Right Now

Look at that excellent mannequin form.

Internet dance crazes come and go. The whip. The dab. The TZ Anthem challenge. The repeated hitting of the Quan in 2015. And those were fine in their own ways. Fun even, you might say. But they all pale in comparison to the latest and greatest internet dance trend: doing the mannequin. (Stay with me, it is so very worth it.)

To properly do the mannequin, one must first acquire a mannequin head. I’m not suggesting theft, but do what you have to in the name of viral content. Next, don a hooded sweatshirt and stick the mannequin on top of your real head and tuck it into the hood. This will hide your face and elongate your body in a way that makes everything you do seem ten times more ridiculous. And then … dance. Dance in your basement. In your local Target. Dance wherever your little mannequin heart desires.

Based on this Twitter beef, I am assuming the two women (known on YouTube as TINADDIE) in the video are not the original creators of the mannequin genre. Still, that’s the way the virality cookie crumbles, so theirs is the name I will praise.

Join me in watching nothing but these videos until election season is over.

Mannequin Dancing Is the Only Thing That Matters Right Now