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Fun New Twitter Meme: Asking People to Drag You

Bored with your normal social-media diet on this fine Tuesday? Here’s a, um, fun new Twitter game you can play to spice things up and kill at least a half an hour of your day. Step one: Take a screenshot of the above image. Step two: Tweet said image. (Add some kind of pithy caption like “You know you want to” if you feel so inclined.) Step three: Wait to be roasted. In theory, your Twitter followers will write a sentence or two that sounds like something you might say and use it as the caption when they quote-tweet you. In theory, it won’t be terribly mean.

Typically, for a meme, this is the part of the post where we’d embed a dozen or so examples, but that doesn’t quite work here since most of the responses are person-specific. (The old if you know them, then it’s funny chestnut.) Instead, here are a few examples of what we’d quote-tweet if certain famous people tweeted the meme image asking to be impersonated.

Peter Thiel: Send me the blood of your children.

Elizabeth Holmes: Also send me the blood of your children.

Elon Musk: Yes, you will all probably die on the way to Mars. But it’ll be FUN!

Kim Kardashian West: Lost ring. Reward if returned.

Kenneth Bone: Can somebody come cut me out of this sweater. I haven’t taken it off in 72 hours.

Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, Max: No, dad. I don’t want to be in another one of your Facebook Live streams.

Donald Trump: I have never actually seen a poll in my life.

Happy roasting! Hope your friends like you as much as you think they do!

Fun New Twitter Meme: Asking People to Drag You