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Can You Tell What’s Wrong With Samsung’s Fingers-Crossed Emoji?

Photo: emojipedia/Twitter

The world of emoji politics is overseen by the Unicode Consortium, a group that chooses who, what, and where get turned into emoji. But once those are selected (a woman getting a haircut, a gun, the fires of Mordor), it’s up to individual platforms to choose how those emoji will appear to their users. (As an example: Apple’s gun emoji is a lime-green squirt gun, while Microsoft’s is an actual revolver.)

As first noted by Emojipedia (the internet’s one-stop shop for all things emoji), the Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed emoji (we’ll just call it the fingers-crossed emoji) is one of the emoji that looks markedly different between platforms. On Google it’s a right hand, on Microsoft it’s a left hand, and for Samsung users it’s a left hand that also happens to have six fingers. (How very The Princess Bride.)

It’s unclear why Samsung’s emoji has an extra digit, but needing an extra one in the event of your Galaxy Note 7 catching fire sounds like a pretty convincing argument.

Can You Tell What’s Wrong With This Fingers-Crossed Emoji?