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Guy Angrily Staring at Trump During the Debates Was Thinking Exactly What You Thought He Was

Earlest Johnson > Ken Bone.

During Sunday night’s debate, a 55-year-old Missouri man named Earlest Johnson was among the handful of undecided voters present on the stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. At one point during the 90-minute national nightmare masquerading as a debate, something in Johnson snapped. While watching Trump talk about how he would help “inner cities” (read: African-Americans and Latinos), his face shifted, his eyebrows rose, and a million people on the internet screamed in unison. (Sadly, Johnson’s meme potential was overshadowed by a certain man whose name rhymes with “zen pwn.”)

Since then, Johnson has spoken out about his chosen candidate: Hillary Clinton. (Ken Bone still remains publicly undecided.) Johnson told BuzzFeed News he was turned off by the way Trump presented himself during the debate. “He walked around her, sat behind her, and almost like he was stalking her,” Johnson said. “It was a lot of weird and it was very creepy.” Johnson also said he would be voting for Clinton and is “absolutely not a Trump supporter.”

Now if we could just get the red-sweater-wearing man who shall not be named to stop cavorting around with Uber and selling shirts bearing his face and choose a damn side already.

Guy Glaring at Trump Was Thinking Exactly What You Thought