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Are These Legs Shiny, or Something Else?

It’s been a while since we, the internet, have had a good optical illusion to wrap our minds around. (As Select All’s Optical Illusion Correspondent, I am highly qualified to make this assessment.) But today, we’ve finally got something new to sink our teeth into: a pair of legs that may or may not be shiny.

This illusion comes courtesy of Instagrammer @leonardhoespams (who would very much like people to stop stealing the picture: “THIS IS MY FUCKING LEGS STOP TAKING TWH PICTURE AND POSTING IT TP UR MEME PAGES WITHOUT CREDITING ME LOLLILOL”). Depending on how quickly you look at them, the legs appear sparkly or shiny, like they’re covered in oil or out of a cartoon.

Did you see the sparkles? (If no, maybe try a mobile device. It’s possible the illusion works better on a smaller screen.) Or did you just see paint? That’s fine, too. (And I’m not just saying this because I’m bitter I never saw anything other than paint.) It’s paint. It’s definitely paint. Use context clues, people. Look at all those art supplies. All signs point to paint!

Are These Legs Shiny or Just Covered in Paint?