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Every Tall Person Should Have the Card This Tall Teenager Hands Out to New Acquaintances

Logan is a 17-year-old high-school senior from Holly Springs, North Carolina. He is also tall. Very tall. Six-feet-and-seven-inches tall. Everybody-asks-how’s-the-weather-up-there tall. Do-you-play-basketball tall. So this week, when his civics-class partner, Heather, asked him about his height, Logan was ready. He whipped out a business card and handed it to Heather, who promptly tweeted a picture of it.

Photo: mamaheffa/Twitter

“I’m 5 feet tall, so I obviously noticed he was much taller than me,” Heather explained via Twitter DM. “I asked him how tall he was and he said ‘6’7’ and my exact next words were ‘really?,’ so he pulled out his wallet and handed me that card.” Logan told me he purchased the cards online (“I saw them on iFunny years ago”) after complaining to some friends he was tired of all the basketball and weather jokes. “I bought 100 for $10,” Logan, who did play basketball for a few seasons when he was younger, explained. “Best investment yet.” He also said his stock is running low and estimates people ask him about his height between five and ten times every day.

Logan and Heather. Photo: @mamaheffa/@mamaheffa

Heather said she thought the card was “hilarious” and has been totally surprised by all the attention her tweet is picking up online. As for Logan, he’s just hoping all those Twitter favs will translate to a good grade. “It’s a project for a presidential election and hopefully we’ll win because of this.”

Teen Hands Out Business Cards If You Ask About His Height