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This Handless Selfie Trend Is Sweeping the Nation, Breaking Phones Everywhere

Photo: @isfrankielove

Hey, you cell-phone owners, here’s a fun new game you can play. Whip out your phone, turn on the camera, and stand in front of a mirror. Now, tap the shutter button and immediately throw your phone into the air. While it’s elevated, clap your hands. If you do it right, you should end up with a blurry selfie featuring a levitating phone. If you do it wrong, well, let’s just hope you invested in a hard-shell case.

The trend was started on Twitter over the weekend by one Seth Schneider, whose selfie has garnered more than 160,000 retweets and inspired quite a few copycats.

The replies to Schneider’s tweet are full of pictures from people who were also able to pull off the stunt and apparently have either the world’s best hand-eye coordination or just don’t care about the well-being of their phone screens. (If you shatter your screen, read our tips here.)

I have a question for all you cool kids out there who managed to pull this off with a relatively focused end product: How? How did you do this? Are you magic? Are you using Photoshop? Am I missing some crucial element for executing this trend? (Shout-out to the guy who recommended putting a few pillows on the floor.)

Brb, going to go make this my profile picture. Photo: Madison Malone Kircher

Earlier today, I stood in front of my bedroom mirror for much longer than I am willing to admit here on the World Wide Web attempting to get one decent high-five picture. Instead, all I got were 22 blurry images and many, um, let’s say, artsy photos of my ceiling. And even in the one shot which came out somewhat focused, my hands are nowhere near high-five position. Instead, my fingers splay awkwardly toward my untethered device, while my lips roll inward and the look in my eyes screams you cannot afford to shatter this phone screen a third time. You can’t.

Select All reached out to Schneider, but he did not immediately return our request for comment regarding his aerial selfie mastery. (Mostly, I’m just looking for some tips.) As per his Twitter bio, Schneider would like to deny responsibility for any damage devices. We here at Select All would also like to note we are not responsible for any broken phones and recommend you skip this particular web trend and just go take a boring selfie with the puppy filter instead. The likelihood of phone breakage decreases significantly and, as an added bonus, you’ll look hotter.

This Handless Selfie Trend Is Sweeping the Nation