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People Are Googling Wildly Different Questions About Trump and Clinton

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

There are only (only) 26 days left until the election. Which means you’ve got a little over three weeks left to Google all those burning questions about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Just make sure you’re asking the right ones to help inform your decision come November 8. (Or November 28, if you’re Donald Trump.) For a little inspiration, Google rounded up the top candidate-related search questions from the past day.

For Clinton, the top question was “What did Hillary say about Catholics?” (Answer: One of her aides has come under fire for mocking Rupert Murdoch for raising his children Catholic, according to a recently leaked email published by WikiLeaks.) While for Trump, the number-one query was “What did Billy Bush say to Trump?” (Answer: A whole bunch of highly sexist and inappropriate comments about women back in 2005. This is the same conversation where Trump said if you’re famous enough, you can “grab them [women] by the pussy.”) People are also searching about Trump’s IQ and whether or not he has tweeted today. (Yes, these all seem like the kinds of questions we should be asking about a man who could potentially run a country.)

Meanwhile, for the Democratic candidate people wanted to know about age, religious affiliation, and when Clinton served as secretary of State. (Hmm, these questions seem markedly more relevant to someone who might soon be working from the Oval Office.)

Like we said, only 26 days left. Hang in there, friends.

Top Questions People Are Googling About Trump and Clinton