Trump Called Clinton a ‘Great Woman,’ Among Other Nice Things, in 2008 Video

Eight years ago, Donald Trump thought Hillary Clinton was a “great senator,” a “great wife,” a “great woman and a good woman.” Those compliments are a just a bit of the praise he heaps on Clinton in a recently uncovered interview from 2008.

“I think she’s a wonderful woman. I think she’s a little bit misunderstood. You know, Hillary is a very smart woman. A very tough woman. That’s fine. She’s also a very nice person. I know Hillary and I know her husband very well. They’re fine people.”

Trump went on about Bill Clinton, calling him a “great president” whose opponents “hated him because they were jealous as hell.” Eight years later, he thinks Hillary is a “nasty woman” and Bill is a rapist.

In the interview, Trump also showed sympathy for Clinton’s tough primary campaign against Barack Obama in 2008. “I’m not knocking the other side — you know, you want to win a battle so if it gets a little bit nasty, it is politics, and politics is a tough game. But I thought she was perhaps unnecessarily roughed up.” What a difference eight years makes.

Trump Called Clinton a ‘Great Woman’ in 2008 Video