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Trump Informs Nevadans That They Pronounce ‘Nevada’ Wrong

You’re welcome. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton currently has a slight lead on Donald Trump in Nevada, but that’s about to change. On Wednesday night the Republican nominee did Nevadans a big favor by explaining that they pronounce their state’s name wrong.

“Heroin overdoses are surging. In fact, overdoses in Nevada — Nev-AAH-duh,” he said at a rally in Reno. “You know what I said? You know what I said? I said when I came out here, I said, ‘Nobody says it the other way, it has to be Nev-AAH-da.’”

The crowd cheered, and Trump offered an anecdote to drive the lesson home. “If you don’t say it correctly — and it didn’t happen to me but it happened to a friend of mine, he was killed,” Trump said.

Unsurprisingly, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who represents Nevada, didn’t appreciate Trump’s tip:

Some even suggested he was joking:

But clearly this source is wrong. Trump would never make a weird joke while talking about something as serious as heroin addiction — particularly in a state where one wrong word could get you killed!

Trump Informs Nevadans That They Pronounce ‘Nevada’ Wrong