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Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacements

Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

The Galaxy Note 7 just became a collector’s item. Over the weekend, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all announced that they would stop selling the explosion-prone device and would not offer replacements. Following a global recall, new versions of the device are reportedly still malfunctioning, which here means “bursting into flame.”

Samsung has halted production of the Galaxy Note 7, just five weeks after issuing the initial recall. At the time, there were 2.5 million devices in circulation.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been a disaster — for users, physically, and for Samsung, financially. It was by all accounts a good phone and had a good chance at challenging the iPhone for supremacy of the high-end smartphone market. But thanks to repeated incidents of conflagration, who knows how long it will be before Samsung can restore customer confidence.

Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacements