White House Sets Trap, Warns Trump Against Attacking Michelle Obama

Photo: Keith Bedford/Boston Globe via Getty Images

Donald Trump has made a habit out of taking the bait from the Clinton campaign during this election cycle. First it was Khizr Khan and then Alicia Machado. Could Michelle Obama be next?

After a rousing speech today, in which she said Trump’s pride in sexually assaulting women has “shaken me to my core” and called him an indecent human being, the First Lady would seem a potential target. Trump, as he always says, loves to punch back. But the White House has warned him not to do that.

“I can’t think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has than by engaging the First Lady of the United States,” deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz said today.

Schultz is, of course, probably right. But since when has Trump shied away from attacking someone just because it might prevent him from becoming president?

The trap has been set. The only question now is can the rat avoid taking the bait?

White House Sets Trap, Warns Trump Against Attacking FLOTUS