Mom Gives Birth to Baby Girl in Possibly the Most Expensive Delivery Room Ever

Photo: Kevin Thompson

The World Trade Center’s Oculus welcomed its first baby Wednesday, after a New Jersey woman gave birth in the new transit hub. The new mom, 35-year-old Marian Suleman, had taken the PATH from Newark with her husband. They were headed to Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan when it became clear they were definitely not going to make it. “She said she can no longer walk so I have to call an ambulance,” Suleman’s husband, Suraji Agbere, said. “So I saw two security officers standing and I went to them.”

Agbere flagged down a Port Authority officer, who radioed for backup, and three officers — including a trained EMT who assisted in the birth of a baby in the WTC PATH station last year — helped Suleman safely deliver the newborn girl.

Mom and baby, named Naheeda, finally got to the hospital and are resting up, with Suleman probably a little relieved that if she had to go into labor in a New York City train station, at least it was the newest and most expensive one around.

Woman Gives Birth in the World Trade Center’s Oculus