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A Good Way to Not Lose Your Headphone Dongle

Photo: Apple

The elimination of the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, replaced with a mildly inconvenient dongle adapter, has created a cottage industry of tricks. Today’s latest innovation is Uncourage, a keychain with a 3.5-millimeter jack that you can connect your dongle to in order to keep track of it.

As an iPhone 7 user, I have a better idea:

Just leave the dongle attached to the headphones.

Photo: Uncourage

Instead of paying $6 plus shipping for a keychain ring (35 cents) and headphone plug (70 cents), just leave the dongle attached to the headphones you use. That way, when you grab your headphones in the morning on your way out the door, you will be picking up the dongle at the same time.

“But what if I plug my headphones into a computer, requiring me to remove the dongle, separating the two?” Decent question. Here’s what to do. If you have a laptop, put the dongle right next to the headphone jack, so when you unplug your headphones, the dongle is right there. If you use a desktop computer, just put the friggin’ thing in your pocket or something. Honestly, it’s not that hard.

The dongle sucks. Products like the Uncourage (ugh, that name) suck just as much. Do not encourage this stuff.

A Good Way to Not Lose Your Headphone Dongle