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Despite His Best Meme Efforts, Barack Obama Won’t Let Joe Biden Prank Trump

Just two pals running a country. Photo: Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images

On what feels like the most Monday of Mondays in a long time, one hero has emerged from the ever-churning meme wheels of the internet to lift our spirits: Joe Biden. Specifically, a new meme format where you take a picture of Joe and Barack Obama palling around — in the Oval Office, at a Shake Shack, doing the Electric Slide — and write up an imaginary conversation between the two, where Obama shoots down Biden’s plans to troll Trump.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has cracked us up during his tenure in the White House. During Obama’s first speech following Trump’s win last week, Biden provided some much-needed comic relief after Obama ribbed him for losing the Democratic nomination in 2008. Not to mention, the VP also has a longstanding history of being memed. There’s the Onion’s ongoing “Diamond” Joe Biden gag, portraying him as a sex-crazed, party-loving scammer. And of course, Biden’s unconfirmed love of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Liquid Swords, another excellent meme. Also, he was apparently hot in his youth, a newly rediscovered fact that has “people” “freaking” “out” according to BuzzFeed.

For some reason, I don’t have high hopes that Mike Pence will provide us with the same amount of internet joy over the next four years. Enjoy the memes while you still can.

Joe Biden’s Plans to Prank Trump Are This Week’s Best Meme