Hillary Clinton Supporters Try to Cheer Her Up With Thanksgiving Signs

Hillary Clinton is coping with her tough presidential-election defeat by soaking in nature and catching up on her reading. Add to that list a little art therapy in the form of handwritten Hillary posters installed near Clinton’s Chappaqua home:

The idea for the signs belonged to an enthusiastic 6-year-old Clinton supporter, who was disappointed that Clinton’s hometown only had one “We Love HRC” sign, the boy’s mom told Politico. He decided that wasn’t enough, and he and his mom made a few signs, and emailed friends and family for help with the Thanksgiving display. “Liam said there ‘should be lots and lots of signs,’” his mom wrote in the email. “Because ‘she’s [Hillary’s] probably even sadder than me.’”

Clinton Supporters Leave Thanksgiving Signs in Chappaqua