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Finally, Doom Running on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Photo: id Software

Every major new technological release brings with it a number of questions. Does it work? Will it change my life? Is this the next big thing in consumer gadgetry? Can it run Doom?

That last question is a rite of passage of sorts. The original Doom, released in 1993, is a highly influential video game in which you fight demons from hell. It is also tiny in terms of file size — the shareware version of the game is roughly two megabytes. So if you have a gadget that has a screen and buttons, the odds are pretty high that it can run Doom.

Here’s the touch bar on the latest MacVook Pro (resolution: 2170 x 60 pixels) running Doom.

Pretty much anything can run Doom. An iPod can run Doom.

A graphing calculator can run Doom.

An ATM can run Doom.

A printer, with a screen the size of a couple postage stamps, can run Doom.

Now that Doom is running on the MacBook touch bar, we can finally rest. It is now safe to move on with our lives.

Finally, Doom Running on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar