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Control Your Google Phone Using Harry Potter Spells

Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In case you happen to fall in the center circle of the Venn diagram of Android users overlapped with Harry Potter fanatics, then boy, do I have a hot tip for you. Thanks to a fun new collaboration between Google and Warner Brothers (that is 100 percent a promo for that new Eddie Redmayne spinoff that looks kinda terrible), you can now command your phone to do certain tasks using familiar spells from the J.K. Rowling series.

To feel like a wizard, say “Okay, Google” followed by “Lumos,” and your phone’s flashlight will turn on. “Okay, Google. Nox,” will turn it off. The same commands with “Silencio” will turn off your ringer. (Weirdly “Okay, Google, Avada Kedavra” doesn’t do anything.)

Go try it now. It’ll feel like you finally received that Hogwarts letter you’ve been waiting for since your 11th birthday. Alternatively you could just use the normal “Okay, Google” commands to do all of those things on your phone. But where is the fun/branded-content magic in that?

Control Your New Google Phone Using Harry Potter Spells