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Hillary Clinton Makes Final Case for Candidacy: She Can Do a Good Mannequin Challenge

Just two mannequin friends hanging out.

This week, the internet has been heavily populated by two types of content: the election and videos of teenagers standing frozen in tableaux as part of the latest and greatest web trend, the #MannequinChallenge. This morning, those two worlds collided in a new Twitter ad from the Clinton camp featuring Hillary, Bill, Huma Abedin, campaign staff, and special guest Jon Bon Jovi doing their own take on the challenge aboard the campaign plane.

The ad hits Donald Trump in one of his weakest areas: discipline. Imagine Trump standing still long enough to pull this off. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I wonder what it would look like if Bon Jovi and Hillary Clinton were positioned next to each other at a wax museum, this is your chance to find out.

Hillary Clinton Can Do a Good Mannequin Challenge