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Just a Little Meme to Take the Edge Off

Photo: bacon_savage/Twitter

Are you on edge? Of course you are. Look at the state of the world these days. Furbies made a comeback this year! The peach emoji has been de-sexualized! Things are not good. Fortunately, there’s an easy meme engineered to take the edge off. All you need are your hands and an object of your choosing.

Fork. Pickle. Corn dog. Jar of barbecue sauce. Your ballot. Just stick your chosen little something between your fingers and pretend to smoke it.

It’s not an entirely new meme. The Daily Dot traces the potential origin back to this pretzel tweet from early in October. That’s an eternity in meme years, but for some reason — perhaps the impending sense of doom brought about by this election — the meme is having a resurgence today.

On second thought, it’s definitely the election.

Just a Little Meme to Take the Edge Off the Election