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Suggestion for Next Halloween: Give Rotisserie Chickens to Trick-or-Treaters

Photo: StockFood/Getty Images/Foodcollection

There are just 363 days until Halloween 2017, which gives you plenty of time to plan for the big spooky day. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration now, may we suggest you look no further than the prepared-foods section of your local grocery story. Because what could be better than seeing the look on the neighbor kid’s face when you dump a rotisserie chicken into his candy pillowcase next October 31.

This truly inspired trick comes courtesy of Twitter. First, one user tweeted a picture of an array of chickens, promising to hand them out to that evening’s candy-seekers.

And then, later that evening, another Twitter user shared a picture of a rotisserie chicken his brother allegedly picked up while out trick-or-treating.

As funny as it is, it seems unlikely that this interaction actually happened as Twitter makes it appear. The two Twitter users have a long history of interacting with each other on the platform, and if you look closely the labels on the two chickens appear to be different colors. (The chicken-giver chicken labels are red, while the other’s is purple.) Still, credit where credit is due. This is an excellent idea and much more original than the old razor-blade-in-the-apple spiel your parents warned you about back in the day.

Next Halloween Give Roast Chickens to Your Trick-or-Treaters