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Millennial Trump Supporter Could Do Very Convincing Draco Malfoy Cosplay

Meet Tom Crean. Crean is a member of the George Washington University College Republicans and a first-time voter. Today, he sat down on CNN to talk about why he’s supporting Donald Trump, a candidate he says gets a “bad rap” because “he is a movement of the people.” He also, to quote Mediaite’s Alex Griswold looks, um, “prety [sic] much exactly how you would have expected.”

“The Establishment has been against him from the beginning, and I think that’s kind of a uniquely American campaign in a way. Because we, as a country, against the odds, beat Great Britain,” Crean explained, demonstrating at least a basic working knowledge of the American Revolution. On Twitter, people were quick to point out that the young man also bears a striking resemblance to Harry Potter antagonist Draco Malfoy.

Millennial Trump Supporter Cosplays As Draco Malfoy