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If You Steal a Cop Car Maybe Don’t Stream Your Escape on Facebook Live

On Monday evening, a 25-year-old Oklahoma man, John Pinney, made off with a police car, after the officer stepped away from her unlocked vehicle to get a cup of coffee. (I can only hope doughnuts were also involved.) From there, Pinney hit the road in a hurry, roaming the roads for more than 30 minutes and reaching speeds above 120 mph while narrating the joyride via Facebook Live. Which he reportedly broadcast using the officer’s iPad, according to CBS News. (Somebody please hug this police officer, because I am sure she is not having a great day.)

In the video, Pinney makes good use of the siren and lights to make absolutely sure we know he is driving a stolen patrol car. At one point, he even stops and gets out of the car to film from the outside at a “smoke shop.” (We get it, dude. You’re bad-ass.) “I don’t give a fuck,” he says. “This isn’t personal … I just don’t give a fuck.” (Again, dude. You stole a police car. We get it.)

“I had a fucking hell of a day,” Pinney says while getting back into the car. A day which I can’t imagine got much better after a woman called 911 when he he offered her a ride in the stolen car. Pinney was eventually arrested and is now chilling in the Tulsa County Jail where we can only hope he soon gets his hands on some technology with livestreaming capabilities.

If You Steal a Cop Car, Don’t Stream Your Ride on Facebook