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Report Voter Fraud, or the Entirety of Moby-Dick, to James O’Keefe’s Terribly Designed Website

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Today, right-wing firebrand James O’Keefe and Project Veritas — the same group that brought you today’s video of a woman in a burka pretending to be Huma Abedin to secure a provisional ballot, conclusively demonstrating that … you can obtain a provisional ballot — are taking voter-fraud tips. If you see something suspicious at your polling place, you’re supposed to “immediately contact your local law enforcement” and then fill out an online form so O’Keefe and Co. can look into it, too. You can submit your name, email, and location, as well as a description and photos of what you saw going down.

Either by technical oversight or in anticipation of lengthy tales of political deception, the submission form does not have a limit on tip length. Which, naturally, people have noticed and begun taking advantage of, submitting complete novels, movies scripts, and other general nonsense. Someone even submitted the entirety of Moby-Dick, which feels very apropos since it’s also about a man chasing something he cannot catch. Whales. Fraudulent voters. Same ship, different day.

If you actually see something, submit your intel here. But since most of the fears surrounding individual voter fraud are mythical at best, O’Keefe might better appreciate a great work of literature, like, say, Confederacy of Dunces, instead.

Send James O’Keefe Tales of Voter Fraud, or Moby-Dick