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Is That an Exploding Vape in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

2016 has been an excellent year for things exploding and bursting into flames. Hoverboards. Galaxy Note 7’s. Donald Trump’s campaign. And if you’re this particularly unlucky French guy, the vape in your pocket. Earlier this week, Amine Britel was standing outside the nightclub he owns in Toulouse when his vape exploded. (It is still unclear what caused the explosion.)

Security cameras caught the incident on tape and, honestly, it’s enough to make me never want to walk near another vape shop again. Much less actually vape. (This isn’t the first e-cig to spontaneously catch fire. Explosions are a known issue with some vape technology.)

Britel was sent to the hospital for his injuries, Mashable reports. No word on which brand of vape he was using. But rest assured, bro: We know you vape.

Vape Catches Fire in Dude’s Pocket