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This Livestream of Voters Explaining Their Vote Is Addictive and Inspiring

Hats off to the people who made video-sharing app Exit Poll: They just created the most engrossing thing you can watch on Election Day until the actual poll results start coming in and your anxiety blinds you.

Till then, you can watch an endless stream, on Facebook or, of Americans explaining whom they voted for and why. It’s best viewed on Facebook, where commenters below quickly develop their favorites (“Zumba for president”) and least favorites (“SOPHIE, WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU’RE THAT GIRL WHO COPIED MY BARS”).

The extremely unproduced selfie videos are both addictive — there’s a time limit on the videos, so nobody gets to stand on a soapbox for too long — and weirdly inspiring. Nearly every person sounds like, well, a person. Stumbling over sentences, using too many fill words, and sometimes simply incoherent, they are also almost all earnest and passionate and engaged in the stumbling experiment of democracy. (The only people who really come off badly are those who have obviously prewritten what they’re going to say.) America, America, this is yoouuuuu.

A few choice screencaps and quotes below, but really just go watch the livestream. It’s way better than try to discern anything from actual exit polling.

“I voted for Trump because I’m old enough to remember exactly what the Clintons are all about.”
“This is just my opinion, but I feel like [Trump] is gonna do a good job and make America great again.”
“I’m 15, believe it or not.”
“I cannot sit by and watch a man destroy 50 years of civil rights. Donald Trump is the worst candidate in history.”
“This is my first presidential election, and it’s sad I didn’t get the kind of excitement that I feel like there should be.”
“You can control your money way better than the government can, because you’re gonna be smart about your money. Donald Trump. Freedom!”
“I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders but there was no one better, so I voted for Hillary.”
“I’m voting for Trump because he has the same birthday as my sister. And my sister is awesome.”
Voters Explaining Their Vote Is Addictive and Inspiring