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Heads Up! Trebuchet Memes Are Here

Photo: ESCUDERO Patrick/Getty Images/ RM

Trebuchet memes are here. Yep, that’s right, pick your jaw up off the floor: memes about the medieval siege engine known as the trebuchet (pronounced “treh-byoo-shay”), a device capable of flinging 90-kilogram stones more than 300 meters, are en vogue. “Finally,” you say, and honestly, I agree. It’s been a long time coming — but they’re here, “they” being trebuchet memes.

This mildly viral tweet from Twitter user @StrangeColt alerted us to the existence of trebuchet memes:

Many of these memes come from a subreddit devoted to trebuchet memes, r/trebuchetmemes. How long have trebuchet memes been around? “the Facebook page ‘Duchy of Burgundyball’ has been posting about crusader and trebuchet memes for a couple of years now,” one Redditor claims. Okay.

The thing about this meme is that it’s more of a meta-meme, an inversion that takes a single joke and applies it to a variety of other meme templates, rather than a single template from which hundreds of thousands of jokes can be created. The joke in this case is that the trebuchet can fling 90 kilograms of projectile a distance of 300 meters. Like so:

Photo: Reddit

Or this one, concerning woke Squidward.

Photo: Reddit

This one’s very topical. Trebuchet memes aren’t afraid to address hot-button issues.

Photo: Reddit

The other important thing to know about members of the trebuchet fandom is that they hate catapults, an inferior siege that’s used by fools. Unless it’s your first raid on a fortified castle keep, using a catapult is unacceptable.

Photo: Reddit

Imagine showing these trebuchet memes to a medieval person. They’d think you were a witch and then mace you or something lol.

Trebuchet Memes Are The Hottest New Joke About Siege Engines