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Teens Knocking Each Other to the Ground in New Backpack Challenge

Remember last week when the hottest teen trend was standing still as a statue in goofy poses while your friend panned by with a camera? A simpler and safer time. Now, inspired by a group of students at Palmdale High School in California, the newest challenge to emerge from the primordial internet ooze involves lining up and forming a gauntlet on either side of a single person and then having every person in the lines throw their, ostensibly full, backpacks at him or her as he or she runs past, at full tilt, until succumbing to the packs and crumpling to the floor.

The original, shared by Twitter user Abucci Wood, whose bio proudly proclaims him the inventor of the challenge, has been retweeted over 26,000 times and counting. There are dozens more videos just like it under the hashtag #BackpackChallenge which you can look at yourself because I find them terrifying and refuse to embed anymore of them here.

Teens, please, for the sake of your developing brain cells, go back to freezing in place for fun.

New Backpack Challenge Has Teens Hitting the Ground Running