What the ‘Bronco Bamma’ Girl Thinks About the 2016 Election: Trump ‘Is Definitely Not Nice to People’

And it only got worse.

America might not have known it then, but 2012 was a simpler time in presidential politics. Oh, to return to the days of the “47 percent” and “you didn’t build that” and that empty chair. The race that pitted Barack Obama against Mitt Romney now seems tame in comparison to 2016 or, at worst, a muted harbinger of what was to come. But four years ago, when the polls were tight and there was talk of an Electoral College tie, people were also really, seriously quite ready for it all to end. And one Colorado 4-year-old captured that sentiment better than anyone else:

“I’m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney,” Abbey cries, after hearing another news report about the election in the car with her mom. Her mom soothes her: “The election will be over soon.” Now, when it seems as if most of the country feels just as she did in 2012, Daily Intelligencer wanted to see if Abbey — now 8 years old, and still listening to the radio — was as exasperated with Trump and Clinton as she was with Bamma and Romney. Even if it will all, finally, be over soon.

So last time you were pretty tired of the election?

What about this year?
Pretty tired, yeah.

What do you think about the 2016 election?
The debates just go on and on. I always hear about it on the radio and stuff.

What do you hear?
Like, ‘blah blah blah last night at the debate.’ I don’t know.

So who do you want to win? Trump or Hillary?
I wanted Bernie to win, but then he got out. So now we’re going for Hillary.

Why are you going for Hillary?
We just think she’s a lot nicer than Donald Trump. We just don’t really like Trump.

Why don’t you like Trump?
He thinks the exact opposite of Bernie. And Bernie thinks the things that we think are good. People should not be sleeping on the sidewalks, and stuff like that.

What kind of other stuff about Trump don’t you like?
He makes fun of people. Like, he is definitely not nice to people from different states and stuff. Countries, I mean.

Well, whether Hillary or Trump wins, what do you think is important for the next president to do?
Hmm. I think that whoever wins the election — I think that even if it is Trump — I still think they should make good decisions.

That’s true. What’s the issue that you think is most important?
Hmm. Giving a good education.

When you are old enough to vote, what do you want in a president?
I don’t really know. But a very good person, definitely.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

What the ‘Bronco Bamma’ Girl Thinks About Donald Trump