Will a Painting of Obama Trampling the Constitution Hang in Trump’s White House?

In September 2010, just over a year and a half into Barack Obama’s presidency, Utah-based artist Jon McNaughton painted a picture he called The Forgotten Man. It shows a sad American sitting in front of the White House with every president surrounding him. Barack Obama is up front, standing on top of the Constitution, while George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and other presidents better liked by conservatives point at the man with concern. No one will accuse McNaughton of subtlety.

In the past six years, the image has no doubt become the desktop wallpaper for many a middle-aged uncle, and now it might be going up in the White House. Last Wednesday, McNaughton tweeted that Sean Hannity purchased a copy of the painting from him “to give to President Trump to hang in the White House.” Hannity confirmed the purchase on Twitter, but didn’t confirm plans to gift it to Trump. He didn’t deny it either.

If Hannity follows through and gives the painting to Trump, it could very well find a home on the walls of the White House. Or maybe not. It’s not hard to imagine Trump hating this painting because it doesn’t include the greatest president who ever lived — himself.

Will Trump Hang Art of Obama Trampling the Constitution?