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World Series Game 7 Offers a (Paranoid) Preview of Election Night

Clinton holds a “W” banner as she watches the Cubs win the World Series. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians, 8-7, in an incredibly dramatic finale to a historic World Series. On Tuesday, the nation will tune in to watch the results of an incredibly long, history-making presidential election. The two events will probably play out in exactly the same way, according to everyone and their bad hombres:

While the entire nation will probably be glued to the TV and tweeting the same jokes on Election Night, there are some differences. It’s unlikely that the president will make everyone stop voting for 15 minutes owing to rain, and while some find their name offensive, the Indians have not insulted people from nearly every minority group or made alarming comments about NATO. (I’m assuming. I don’t follow baseball that closely.)

To be fair, there was a good reason game-seven viewers couldn’t get the election off their minds. The Clinton and Trump campaigns bought at least three ads each during the game, and the NRA ran a pro-Trump ad as well.

Clinton, a longtime Cubs fan, couldn’t watch most of the game because she was addressing a crowd of about 15,000 at a rally in Arizona. However, since the game went to ten innings, she did manage to catch the best part. Clinton watched the end of the game on an aide’s iPad while her motorcade idled. Staffer Connolly Keigher supplied a “W” flag, and she and Clinton waved it after the Cubs’ win.

Donald Trump did not comment on the Cubs win. Maybe he’s superstitious?

World Series Offers a (Paranoid) Preview of Election Night