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Airline Savagely Debunks YouTuber Who Lied About Stowing Away on Plane

If you’re going to upload a stunt video claiming you stowed away on a plane by stuffing yourself in a suitcase, maybe try to avoid the security cameras when you, you know, walk into the airport. On a recent flight between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, YouTuber and comedian Adam Saleh filmed and edited together several clips to make it appear as though he had taken Tigerair Australia for a free ride by having a friend check a suitcase, with him inside it. Using an iPhone flashlight and a small camera, Saleh recorded his alleged sweaty and small-space journey through the sky.

Upon discovering Saleh’s video, Tigerair Australia promptly called him out on Twitter.

The airline also sent Saleh an open letter further debunking his hoax. According the News 7 Australia, the suitcase’s weight — that of a fully grown man — would not have been accepted by the airline’s baggage check-in system and the cargo hold on that particular plane wasn’t heated, so Saleh would have been “a popsicle” had he actually flown to Sydney in his suitcase. Another day, another fake news story debunked. At least this one was less sad than the Santa who claimed a kid died in his arms this week and made us all weepy for a solid two days before the truth was revealed.

Airline Debunks YouTuber Who Lied About Stowing Away