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Actual Dog Wearing Pants Solves the Great How-a-Dog-Wears-Pants Debate of 2015

At the end of December 2015, a Facebook meme page posted an image of two dogs wearing pants and a single question: What would it look like if a dog wore pants?

There were Twitter polls and great debates over the dog pants issue. Wars were fought. Families were destroyed. Even Barack Obama weighed in on the matter. (Two legs, not four.) And while all this was well and good, we never really knew for sure how a dog would wear pants. Until now. This week, police in Bellevue, Washington, found a lost dog wearing “a sweater and blue pants.” The pants, you’ll note, are only on his hind legs.

So now we know. If a dog wore pants, he would wear them on his hind legs and he’d be “very angry” about it.

Dog in Pants Solves the How-a-Dog-Wears-Pants Debate of 2015