An Exclusive Look at Climate of Hope, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s New Book on Climate Change

Climate change is perhaps the gravest challenge of this generation. And yet, its sharpest consequences are often local: The tens of thousands who have to flee the flames of a California wildfire. The generation that loses its livelihood after a lake dries up in Bolivia. The Staten Islanders who see a super storm sweep away their homes. And as Michael Bloomberg, and Carl Pope, the former executive director of the Sierra Club, argue in a forthcoming book, Climate of Hope: How Cities,​ Businesses,​ and Citizens Can Save the Planet, solutions can also be local — and cities, businesses, and everyday citizens play the most critical role in the fight against global warming. “We are writing this book because we believe that it’s time for a new type of conversation about climate change,” co-authors Bloomberg and Pope explain. The book, due out April 18, 2017, from St. Martin’s Press, tackles this crisis with urgency, and lays out practical advice and solutions so communities and companies take action — and fast.


Exclusive Look at Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s New Book