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Where. Are. This. Girl’s. Legs.

Women and their legs in varying states of visibility. Photo: Reddit

Before you is a photo of six young women sitting in a basement filled with Green Bay Packers paraphernalia sipping a few beers and hanging out on a couch. All six of the women have, to my knowledge, at least one leg if not two. But in the photo — which was originally posted to Reddit — the woman second on the left appears to have no legs at all.

She’s a witch, you might be thinking. She’s got her legs sideways on the couch and her friends are just sitting atop them, you might also be thinking, if you’re a more rational-type person. And while neither is a bad theory, they’re both wrong. The woman is sitting with her legs over the couch like everybody else in the picture, you just can’t see them. Look closer at the one bare kneecap on the left. That’s actually the knee of the “legless” woman blending in perfectly with the all-black legs of the woman on her right. If you need more proof, note that the bare ankle on that “leg” stops halfway across because it’s actually two legs and not one.

Special thank you to the Select All photo staff who took my request for “something that makes them all look like they have legs plz” seriously.

Where. Are. This. Girl’s. Legs.