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Oculus Engineer Arrested in Underage Sex Sting

Oculus engineer Dov Katz.

A high-ranking employee of Oculus VR was arrested last week, caught in a sting operation after allegedly attempting to pay a minor for sex. Dov Katz, the head of computer vision and machine learning, has been charged with attempted commercial sexual abuse after the 38-year-old made contact with undercover police acting as a 15-year-old girl.

According to charging documents reviewed by KING 5, Katz responded to an ad suggesting the two have sex without a condom for $360. Charging documents posted by GeekWire state that, upon being told he was under arrest, “Katz stated that he was there to rescue her and call the police.” He had $600 on him when he showed up at the hotel where they had arranged to meet.

Katz, an Israeli citizen living in California, has been described as “integral” to the creation of the Oculus headset, which Facebook acquired two years ago for more than $2 billion. The company has so far not issued statements to any reporters regarding the arrest.

Oculus Engineer Arrested in Underage Sex Sting