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Prince, Like You, Also Enjoyed a Good Meme of Himself

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In memory of Prince, this week GQ ran a beautiful collection of micro-interviews from those who knew and loved the purple artist best. Things we learned: He smelled strongly of lavender. He paid for coffee in $100 bills and would always tell the barista to keep the change. And he, like so many of us, enjoyed a good old-fashioned internet meme.

From photographer Maya Washington via GQ:

I would always make fun of how pale he was—I thought he was super pale. I’m like, “Prince, you need to tan.” Like, you need some vitamin D in your life. Then he sent a meme of himself wearing glasses, saying, “She thinks I need a tan.” He made it. He makes a lot of stuff. He likes to mess around on his computer.

Dancer Danielle Curiel (she also directed his music video for “Breakfast Can Wait” when she was just 18) told GQ that Prince particularly enjoyed “memes of him when people take his face and write captions on his pictures.” (More officially, those are known as image macros in the meme world.) “He was always sending me those. One, he had a duck face on, and it was how light-skin dudes roll dice or something.”

In case you’re wondering what that soft sobbing sound is, this is what it sounds like when bloggers cry.

Prince, Like You, Also Enjoyed a Good Meme of Himself