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This Teacher, Whose Students Chipped In to Buy Him Sneakers, Is the Most Happy

After their psychology teacher, Taylor Kerby, mentioned liking one of his pupil’s red Vans sneakers on the first day of school, his class chipped in this week, bought Kerby his own pair, and presented them to him in class. A touching gift, which, of course, because it’s 2016, one of the students, Dyani Heredia, filmed and shared on Twitter where it has been retweeted over 48,000 times and counting.

“It’s just some nerdy, weird dude opening shoes, and for some reason, 40,000 people are liking this,” Kerby — who teaches at a high school in West Covina, California — told BuzzFeed about his adorable reaction. “But if it inspires teachers to be better teachers, and people to be better people, then I’m excited that it’s happening.” Heredia also said each of the 25 students in Kerby’s class contributed $2 to fund the gift. Though at this point, I feel like I should probably Venmo those kids $2 for the number of times I have now watched and enjoyed this very good video.

Teacher Whose Students Bought Him Sneakers Is the Most Happy