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Who Keeps Photoshopping Trump’s Face Onto Queen Elizabeth’s and How Do I Make Them Stop?

Photo: ogtrumpqueen/Instagram

Today in absolutely horrifying images that will stick with you from now until your imminent death: an Instagram account devoted to photos of Queen Elizabeth with Donald Trump’s face layered over them. It’s convincing. It’s alarming. And somebody over at Buckingham Palace might want to check in on Her Highness and maybe talk about switching up her foundation color.

The Instagram account and its, um, art are the handiwork of designer Michal Krauthamer, who told Bored Panda, “it’s not about politics, it’s about the magic of Photoshop and making you laugh.” Can’t wait until Donny and Her Royal Highness meet at some point in the next four years — then we can all just do this with Snapchat.

See Trump’s Face Photoshopped Onto Queen Elizabeth’s Body