In Texas, Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ Is Morphing Into a Series of Fences

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Donald Trump has long promised to build a “big beautiful wall” on the border between the Unites States and Mexico, but officials on his transition who have begun exploring the practicality of that promise are running into roadblocks which have them considering alternatives, the New York Times reports.

In Texas’s 28th Congressional district, for example, Representative Henry Cuellar says the transition team requested suggestions for locations that would be appropriate for a “wall or fencing.” In Laredo, which is in Cuellar’s district, Mayor Pete Saenz tells the Times that he has spoken with U.S. Border Patrol about installing “additional fencing, lighting, roads, surveillance equipment and other security measures along portions of the border.”

The plan, Saenz said, did not mention a wall and only called for fencing along short stretches of the border. For the Democratic mayor, this was “a big relief.”

Trump’s Wall Is Morphing Into a Series of Fences