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Twitter Joins Ever-Growing List of Platforms That Want You to Go Live

Starting today, Twitter is giving users an easier way to broadcast live video to their followers. Everybody is already doing it, so now Twitter guesses it should too. The new feature, powered by Twitter-owned Periscope, will be available as a “Live” button found in the same place you’d look to add a photo when you compose a tweet on mobile. From there, just point your camera toward the march, or concert, or your Chewbacca-mask-wearing face and get to sharing.

Users will be given a chance to prep for their livestream using a “pre-broadcast screen” which pops up after tapping “Live.” Once you’re set, tap “Go Live” and well, go live. “Once you’re live, anyone on Twitter and Periscope can join your live video and participate in your experience,” Twitter notes. (This is much like using Periscope on Twitter in the past, just more streamlined since you no longer need the second app.) Users who like your broadcast can “heart” it to show they’re digging your good content or send comments in real time to tell you they’re not.

Twitter, Like Everyone Else, Wants You to Go Live