Get Ready to Pay More for a Subway Commute

It’s that time again: Subway-fare hikes are coming. The MTA, which last raised fares in 2015, is keeping its two-year tradition and planning to up the base fare to $3, an increase of a quarter from the current $2.75.

The MTA board, which will vote on the proposal next week, had also been considering a plan to keep the base fare at $2.75, but without raising the bonus money riders get when filling a MetroCard. Instead, it appears the MTA is opting to bump up that base fare (basically, a one-way ride) but increase the bonus money to straphangers. So anyone who puts $6 bucks or more on a MetroCard technically gets to commute for $2.59, says the New York Post.

Riders who rely on those unlimited 30-day cards will see the cost increase to $121 — a jump of $4.50 per month. The hikes, the sixth since 2008, are not official yet, but almost certain to happen, likely going into effect in March.

A Subway Fare Hike Is Likely Coming Soon