George H.W. Bush Has a Very Good Excuse for Why He’s Skipping Trump’s Inauguration

Close to 60 Democrat lawmakers are skipping out on Trump’s Inauguration, and some of their excuses are a bit suspect. The 41st president, George H.W. Bush, and his wife, Barbara, also politely turned down the invitation, in a letter filled with grace and a little gallows humor:

The letter is dated January 10, but was released after Bush Senior, who is 92 and the oldest living former president, was hospitalized over the weekend. He is reportedly recovering in the intensive-care unit at Houston hospital after having a procedure to deal with an acute respiratory problem related to pneumonia. On Wednesday, Barbara, 91, was also hospitalized as a “precaution” after experiencing coughing and fatigue. All the other living ex-presidents will reportedly be in attendance.

Bush 41 Has Great Excuse for Skipping Trump’s Inauguration