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Trump Just Followed (and Unfollowed) ‘Emergency Kittens’ on Twitter

A screenshot of the accounts Donald Trump follows on Twitter.

In what is clearly an important preparatory step for his upcoming inauguration, Donald Trump kicked off 2017 by adding a new Twitter account to the extremely limited limited list of accounts he follows. The new follow? The nationally important @EmrgencyKittens. According to the account’s bio, @EmrgencyKittens is devoted to “critiquing the cutest cats online!” Think about it this way: If you’re stressed out because you’re about to start a new job that you’re not sure you’re ready for, what better way to relax than photos of new cats? Trump joins the 1.85 million other people who also follow the account for adorable pictures of cats lifted from other parts of the internet and then tweeted to make us smile.

As of Sunday evening, @EmrgencyKittens marks Trump’s 43rd Twitter follow. The account joins the company of Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, 10 Trump brand and property accounts, and six people who share the President-elect’s last name.

Update 1/02/17: By early Monday morning, Trump’s account had unfollowed @EmrgencyKittens.

Trump Just Followed (and Unfollowed) ‘Emergency Kittens’